This datasheet describes a 100″ x 100″ latch/ejector header with a 3-wall design, available in straight and right-angle configurations, and a high-temperature option.

Key Features

The header features a glass-filled polyester (PBT) or high-temperature polyester (PCT) insulation material, with a copper alloy contact material and gold plating. It has a current rating of 1 A, insulation resistance of >10^9 Ω at 500 Vdc, and a withstanding voltage of 1000 Vrms at sea level.

Physical Characteristics

The header has a low profile, with mounting holes for securing it to a board. It is available with solder tail and wrap tail options, and optional polarizing posts.

Environmental Ratings

The header has a temperature rating of -55°C to +105°C and meets UL 94V-O flammability standards.


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