This concise summary provides guidance on the usage and installation of the McLaren Over-the-Tire (OTT) Tracks specifically designed for Skid Steer Loaders. The manual is intended for users who have recently purchased the V8 Series Rubber, Magnum, Diamond, or Maximizer over-the-tire tracks from McLaren Industries. The manual outlines a step-by-step procedure for installation and stresses the importance of reading all instructions thoroughly before beginning the installation process.

Installation Safety and Preparation

Users are advised to make sure that all items have been received before installation, to practice caution and personal safety during the installation process, and to confirm proper installation before operating the machinery. Installation is highlighted as a relatively simple task and can typically take about fifteen minutes per side for those with experience. However, first-time users should allow for additional time to familiarize themselves with the tools and the track system, including the need for initial adjustment of the tracks to fit the machine tires.

Important Guidelines and Warnings

Several critical guidelines are provided to ensure the safe and proper operation of the product. When installing or removing the tracks, it is mandatory to keep the boom raised and locked, ensure no unnecessary personnel are present in the work area, and to have the engine turned off. Proper track slack adjustment, namely maintaining 1″ to 3″ with 2″ being optimal, is recommended for extended pin/carriage bolt life and to avoid loader damage.

The manufacturer explicitly warns against the use of foam-filled tires or solid rubber tires with OTT tracks, as these may cause damage to the machine. The only exception allowed is the use of McLaren Industries’ Nu-Air Tyre®, which is compatible with the over-the-tire tracks.

Maintenance and Tire Care

Correct tire pressure is also asserted as essential for tire longevity, with instructions provided on converting kPa tire ratings to the US PSI standard.

The manual further insists that adherence to the outlined guidelines is crucial for the proper operation of the OTT tracks and for ensuring user safety.


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