This official documentation from Jaguar Land Rover, identified as the Global Position Statement JLRGPS 05, dated 08/2018, provides key information regarding the company’s stance on the use of parts and repair practices for all Jaguar Land Rover models. Intended for National Sales Companies, Importers, Retailers, Authorized Repairers, and Bodyshop Managers, it underlines the manufacturer’s directives to maintain optimal safety and performance standards post-collision repairs.

The document explicitly discourages the use of aftermarket or third-party replacement parts. Jaguar Land Rover underscores that their vehicles undergo extensive testing as a whole unit, where each part contributes to the functionality, safety, and structural integrity. In particular, the company points out that airbags and other supplemental restraint systems are critical safety components engineered to operate in harmony with genuine parts.

Salvage/Recycled Parts

Jaguar Land Rover’s position on salvaged or recycled parts is clear—they do not endorse their use. These parts may have been compromised due to stress from accidents, environmental exposure, or damage during removal. There exists no established standard for assessing their reliability. Additionally, the origin and traceability of these components are questionable, which poses risks, especially in the case of product recalls.

Fasteners Replacement

In terms of repair processes, Jaguar Land Rover advises the replacement of all associated fasteners. Damaged, worn, or deformed fasteners from a collision should not be reused to ensure the vehicle’s safety integrity is maintained.

The Position Statement also highlights that the use of non-genuine parts could lead to a void warranty and might not be covered in the case of a malfunction. It stresses the importance of only using genuine parts and having repairs carried out by certified technicians to preserve vehicle performance and safety.

Jaguar Land Rover supplies its Authorized Collision Repair Facilities with the necessary repair procedures and information, which are continually updated and specific to each model. These can be accessed through the TOPIx workshop manual, detailed in section 5 of the document. Links to register and obtain these resources are provided within the statement.

The document is signed by Glen Mathews, Global Body & Paint Operations Manager for Jaguar Land Rover PLC, signifying the formality and importance of the information presented within the Global Customer Service domain of the company.


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