Overview of Bentley Manual Tilt Wheelchair Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual provided is an exhaustive guide for the Bentley Manual Tilt Wheelchair which includes a transit option, designed for safe and effective use of the wheelchair. The manual, dated January 2014, serves as a critical resource for users, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, illustrating not only the operation of the wheelchair but also maintenance, troubleshooting, and safety considerations.

Label Locations and Special Notes

User awareness is emphasized through the guide’s sections on label locations and special notes. Important warnings and unpacking instructions are provided to ensure proper care from the moment the wheelchair is received.

Assembly and Inspection

Detailed ‘Out of the Box’ assembly instructions facilitate ease of setup, while inspection guidelines ensure that every component is checked for integrity before use. Information about storage and contacting qualified service agents for maintenance is also included.

Wheelchair Specifications

The manual presents full technical specifications and additional information for users to fully understand the wheelchair’s features and limitations.

Usage Indications and Contraindications

Clear instructions regarding the indications and contra-indications for use are discussed to guide users in the appropriate scenarios for wheelchair deployment.

Guidance for Users and Assistants

Operation sections cover topics such as weight training, weight limitation, stability, balance, and general safety. Special notes for wheelchair assistants and instructions on handling various terrain, including curbs, steps, and stairs, are outlined. The manual also illustrates the safe conduct of transfers to and from other seats as well as the approach for reaching and leaning without risking a tip-over.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Maintenance safety precautions and recommended schedules are listed along with a range of troubleshooting advice to address common issues that may arise during the use of the wheelchair.

Operational Aspects and Adjustments

Detailed operational guidelines include instructions on adjusting front rigging, armrests, seat and back, rear wheels, front casters, seat-to-floor height, adjustable seat tilt, and the gas strut and cable assembly.


The wheelchair’s warranty details are conveyed, offering users a clear understanding of the terms and conditions of their purchase.

This handbook is a comprehensive resource designed to support users in the safe management and enjoyment of their Bentley Manual Tilt Wheelchair, ensuring the longevity of the product through proper maintenance and care.


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